Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology


A novel partnership CBMA / ISISE

ib-s-color-verticalThe newborn IB-S is a research partnership between the Research Units from Minho University, CBMA and ISISE (Institute for Sustainabilty and Innovation in Structural Engineering), for the development of cutting-edge research and innovation in the combined sustainability of built and natural environments. The IB-S activities will therefore include RD&I, post-graduation and long-life learning, in close interaction with the business community.

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Field Station in Quiaios (CRAM-Q)

CRAMCRAM-Q, a close partnership between CBMA, CESAM (Aveiro University) and the Portuguese Wildlife Society headquartered at the CBMA, constitutes one the Portuguese certified centers for recovery of marine animals (mammals, sea birds and sea turtles). CRAM-Q acts as interface between research and stakeholders (fisheries, local authorities and other public institutions), through specialized services and environmental education activities. 



Landscape Laboratory (LL)

LL is in a senlabsitive area of high landscape value, and is part of the National Ecological Reserve. In a partnership with the city council of Guimarães, the LL engages biologists from CBMA, Hydraulic Engineers and Geographers to create and apply in situ tools to recover the ecological quality of the Costa-Couros watershed impacted by urbanization and the former tannery industry. This is also a privileged arena for outreach activities where science and art cohabitate, with impacts on the tourism sector.


laboratorio paisagem


Portuguese Wildlife Society

Sociedade Portuguese de Vida Selvagem (SPVS)

SPVS - PortugueSPVSse Wildlife Society, began functioning in the year of 2000 (officially since 2003) and formalizes the coordination between several entities working in the field of Wildlife related sciences. This scientific society is constituted by researchers of diverse nationalities, singular or collective, that exercise, or support activities in conservation and management of wildlife, environment and in similar scientific areas.


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