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Andreia Pacheco
Andreia Pacheco
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Sandra Paiva
Universidade do Minho - Campus de Gualtar, Departamento de Biologia - 4710-057, Braga - P


PhD in Biological Sciences

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Research Projects

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NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000009, 2016-2019 "EcoAgriFood - Innovative green products and processes to promote agri-food bioeconomy".

PestiSense – Novel tools and data for the detection and assessment of ecological risks of pesticides (CBMA)

BioProspect - Valorising CBMA biobanks: characterisation and bioprospection for novel value added products. (CBMA)

EArTh – Educação Ambiental para Todos (Fundo Ambiental)

Team member

Elucidation of ceramide-induced apoptosis: modulation of Protein Kinase C isoforms. Projecto financiado pela FCT, 2009-2012. PTDC/BIA-BCM/69448/2006.

Collaborator/ Team member

ZygoSacAR-Mecanismos de resistência a ácidos fracos em leveduras contaminantes alimentares: do modelo experimental Saccharomyces cerevisiae a Zygosaccharomyces spp. Projecto financiado pela FCT, 2010-2013. PTDC/AGR-ALI/102608/2008.


Pacheco A., Azevedo, F., Rego A., SantosJ, Chaves, S., Côrte-Real,M., Sousa, MJ. 2013. C2-Phytoceramide perturbs lipid rafts and cell integrity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a sterol-dependent manner. Plos One.


Sousa M, Duarte AM, Fernandes TR, Chaves SR, Pacheco A, Leão C, Côrte-Real M, Sousa MJ.

2013. Genome-wide identification of genes involved in the positive and negative regulation of acetic acid-induced programmed cell death in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. BMC Genomics.


Pacheco A., Pereira C., Almeida MJ. and Sousa MJ. 2009. Small heat shock protein Hsp12p contributes to yeast tolerance to freezing stress. Microbiology.


Pacheco A., Almeida MJ and Sousa MJ.2008." Improved gene disruption method for Torulaspora delbrueckii". Fems yeast research.


Pacheco A., Alves-Araújo C., Almeida MJ.,Spencer Martins I., Leão C. and Sousa MJ., 2007. Sugar utilization patterns and respiro-fermentative metabolism in the baker´s yeast Torulaspora delbrueckii. Microbiology.




Andreia Pacheco, Júlia Santos, Susana Chaves, Judite Almeida, Cecília Leão and Maria João Sousa.The emerging role of the yeast Torulaspora delbrueckii in bread and wine production: using genetic manipulation to study molecular basis of physiological responses. "Food science and technology". 2012. ISBN 978-953-307-1182-



 Science communication texts in newspapers:

 Andreia Pacheco. 2016.Micropropagação de plantas - um caso de sucesso. Agrotec


Communication on Online Platforms:

Creation of a blog to promote scientific literacy in pre-school education



Development of a multimedia platform to disclose the biographical profile of Hugo Messias researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics - Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon."Hugo Messias: no Espaço e em Terra, o valor do Desafio"





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