Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology


To promote the advancement of science on Biosustainability we defined the following strategic objectives:

cbma livro grafix-7-Advance scientific knowledge on Biosustainability


Advance scientific knowledge on Biosustainability

Integrated and multiscale biological research at the population, community, organism and cellular levels is critical to understand the impact of global change on biodiversity. By blending theoretical and experimental Biology, we aim to create models to predict the behaviour of living systems. Our research will contribute to understand ecosystems processes, to define molecular targets associated with environmental changes, and to generate innovative materials.

cbma livro grafix-8-A resourceful and skilled team


A resourceful and skilled team

A creative and motivated team, well enrolled with researchers and students, is fundamental to ensure the CBMA mission accomplishment. We cultivate an environment conducive to internal synergies, and stimulate a culture of distinction, where the critical spirit and proactivity are rewarded. CBMA promotes the exchange of PhD students and researches with outstanding institutions with complementary expertise, to improve skills and share knowledge and resources. The Centre fosters the training and education of a new generation of young scientists committed to pursuing a PhD in Biological Sciences.

cbma livro grafix-9-Communicate and transfer knowledge


Communicate and transfer knowledge

CBMA is committed to translate knowledge to society by promoting scientific and technical services, and research contracts, registering patents and their licensing, and nesting start-ups with the involvement of students and IMs.

Furthermore, using creative strategies, the Science Through Our Lives (STOL) team will establish a cultural, scientific and educational agenda to generate fruitful links between the academy and society, and between teaching and research.

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