Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

2011 Workshops

Micropipettes Micropipets for Project Students
June 9th 2011 | 10h a.m. | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed
Microscope Microscopy for Project Students
June 2nd 2011 | 10h a.m. | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed
Ovens and Incubators Trainning in Ovens and Incubators
May 26th 2011 | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed
Chemi-Doc Trainning in Chemi-Doc
April 28th 2011 | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed
RT-PCR Trainning in Electrophoresis
March 31st 2011 | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed 
Trainning in Real-time PCR
November 29-30th 2010 | Anf. Mica
Registration: Closed 



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