Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental

Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology

Sister research Units

CBMA's Sister research Units are Research Centers that share resources with CBMA in order to combine their mutual strengths in various areas to achieve common goals. Despite being a Biology center, CBMA has expanded its collaboration ventures far beyond that field.

ISISE is a newly formed Unit involving the Structural Divisions from the Civil Engineering Departments in Univs. of Coimbra and Minho.
The Unit aims at creating a leading cluster in Structural Engineering, with capacity for top quality R&D+I and future attraction of other highly active researchers. The Unit is based on two strong leaderships in Univs. of Coimbra and Minho, with a common past attitude of proven record of: internationalization, contracted research, cooperation with industry, top level dissemination in the international arena, PhD students and postdoctoral collaborators.

BioFIG forms an interdisciplinary platform that offers high-level training opportunities to researchers interested in different aspects of Biology. The broad scope of BioFIG and the facilities it has available are not easily found within a single institution. This spectrum of expertise will facilitate the innovative research anticipated, it will allow for fresh insights into research problems, and it will ensure that members will be exposed to interdisciplinary thinking and transferable knowledge.

The scope of CITAB is focused on the agro-food and forestry systems using the production-chain approach as a whole. It is composed of a multidisciplinary team with expertise ranging from fundamental sciences such as biology and chemistry to agronomists, forestry engineers and ecologists. The group benefits from the input of other scientific experts in the fields of mathematics, physics, technological engineering and engineers.

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