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Scientific Networks

Scientific networks offer researchers the opportunity to engage in scientific exchange and cooperation on topics of common interest. A network consists of a group of people, who, over a defined period of time, will work on a common research topic to attain a specific outcome. Network members may include young as well as senior researchers from CBMA or from abroad. This international programme component serves to strengthen the ties to the international research community.


domar CAMPUS DO MAR (http://campusdomar.es)
glic GLYCOPHARM (www.glycopharm.eu) 


Fish FISH-BOL - The Fish Barcode of Life Initiative 
The Fish Barcode of Life Initiative (FISH-BOL), is a global effort to coordinate an assembly of a standardised reference sequence library for all fish species, one that is derived from voucher specimens with authoritative taxonomic identifications. The benefits of barcoding fishes include facilitating species identification for all potential users, including taxonomists; highlighting specimens that represent a range expansion of known species; flagging previously unrecognized species; and perhaps most importantly, enabling identifications where traditional methods are not applicable.
The Fish Barcode of Life effort is creating a valuable public resource in the form of an electronic database containing DNA barcodes, images, and geospatial coordinates of examined specimens. The database contains linkages to voucher specimens, information on species distributions, nomenclature, authoritative taxonomic information, collateral natural history information and literature citations. FISH-BOL thus complements and enhances existing information resources, including FishBase and various genomics databases.
CBMA Member: Filipe COSTA is Chair of the European Regional Working Group



I-BOL – International Barcode of Life 

I-BOL's main mission is extending the geographic and taxonomic coverage of the barcode reference library -- Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) -- storing the resulting barcode records, providing community access to the knowledge they represent and creating new devices to ensure global access to this information. That includes a hand-held device that will provide real-time access to identifications by anyone in any setting. I-Bol is an alliance of researchers and biodiversity organizations in 26 nations.

CBMA Member: Filipe COSTA is PORTUGAL delegate and member of the Scientific Steering Committee.
CuTED Red Iberolatinoamericana de Diagnóstico Molecular de las Micosis Sistémicas y Oportunistas
Program: CYTED (Programa Iberoamericano de Ciência e Tecnologia para o Desenvolvimento) P207RT0353/ 2008-2011. Coordination: Luz Elena Cano Restrepo, Universidade de Antioquia, Medellín, Colômbia with the participation of research groups from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.
CBMA Member: Célia PAIS
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