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Workshop temático

Deciphering genomic and pheno-metabolomic determinants of yeasts towards adaptation to different ecological niches and potential use in biotechnology

09 junho 2018
Universidade do Minho | Campus de Gualtar
 Hora: 15h30

Local: IB-S - Auditório
Palestrante: Ricardo Franco-Duarte 

Centro de Biologia Molecular Ambiental (CBMA), Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal

Curriculum vitae

Ricardo Franco-Duarte is a researcher from Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA), in University of Minho, Portugal. He holds a master in Molecular Genetics (2008), and a PhD in Biology (2014). He is currently developing his post-doctoral work in CBMA, using yeasts to produce products with biotechnological relevance, being his research interests focused mainly in yeast diversity and genomics, molecular biotechnology, computational science, bioinformatics, metabolomis and phenomics. He participated in several national and international projects, such as INNOYEAST, WineMetrics, PhenoMet, Transbio, EcoAgriFood and Volatile, and has published 18 papers in international peer-review journals and 3 book chapters.

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